5 Reasons Your Brick And Mortar Business Should Have An Online Presence

Even in this digital era, you can find some traditional companies with a physical location that don’t have an online presence. For most business owners, the main question is likely along the lines of, “Why should I bother?” If their brick and mortar business is doing fine on its own, setting up an online presence on top of that may seem too risky or too complicated.

Well, we’re here to set the record straight! Here are 5 good reasons why you should shift this type of thinking and go online.

1. Low Start-Up Costs

Starting out online doesn’t require you to hire any staff, buy any vehicles, or construct any buildings. All you need to do is build your site and start selling the same products you already know and have a solid supply of.

2. Location Freedom

By going online, you can conduct your business without being stuck to a physical location. With a few notable exceptions, most business owners can afford to have their company adapt to their lifestyle instead of the other way around. These days, many people live where they want while having their hosting and warehouse on a whole other continent.

3. 24/7 Availability

Most brick and mortar businesses can’t manage 24-hour service. With an e-commerce site, though, your clients and prospects can find out what they want to know about your products at any time. You can also use your site to generate leads and inquiries while your physical store is closed and follow up with them once you open the next day.

4. Global Appeal

With a traditional business, you’re limiting your target audience to those who can visit you at a certain time. By comparison, a decent website allows you to have thousands of people in your store at once. Of course, increasing your target audience is only one part of the winning formula. You also need a solid marketing strategy to convert those leads into customers.

5. Improved Company Image

These days, having a website is something that’s pretty much expected of you. Without a working site or some sort of online presence, your prospective clients may start wondering how serious you’re about your business. If you have competitors with an established online presence, it’s likely you’ll lose your business to them.

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