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Consumer Choice

Say Goodbye To Processing Costs

Our Consumer Choice Program gives you the best of both worlds; lower credit card processing fees and 100% customer satisfaction. You are given full control over your sales transactions, and your customers will receive the benefit of complete transparency in their purchases.

Empower Your Customers

Surcharging is a tool that allows merchants to pass on transactional costs to their customers. But what makes our program different is giving customers a choice. Their chosen payment method will determine their additional fees or if they pay any fees at all.

Also, you are not limited to any one payment method. You can accept credit cards, debit cards, and cash, without any issues.

Empower Your Business

We make it easy and convenient to tailor our Consumer Choice Program to the uniqueness of your business and determine how payments are handled. You will be given all of the tools and support necessary for a streamlined checkout process.

Our program is also fully compliant and legal so you can take advantage of the savings with complete confidence.

Eliminate Your Merchant Processing Fees

Merchant processing fees can be a major drain on business resources. But that does not have to continue any longer. If you accept credit cards or debit cards, our Consumer Choice Program is a cost-effective strategy that will allow you to keep more of your hard-earned profits in your pocket.

It works by presenting two prices to your customer at checkout. They have the freedom to choose a cash price that does not include a charge or a card-present price, that does. Either way, you avoid the processing fee while offering a pleasant customer experience.

Additional Program Advantages

Next Day Funding

Don’t wait! All accounts are settled at the end of the business day so you receive your funds the next day.

No Contract

We stand by our product and services and know that you will be fully satisfied so we do not lock you into a contract.

Low Cost Solution

Although our products are robust and packed with features, you will get them at a cost that is affordable to any business.

Schedule a Complimentary Analysis!

Whether you are a new business that would like to accept credit cards or an existing merchant looking to lower your monthly processing cost, we have a solution for you! Contact us today to learn more.

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