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Level 2 & 3 Processing

Simplify Your B2B Processing!

If you accept credit cards from your business customers, you could potentially lower the charges on your bill. Enquire with one of our experts and find out if you qualify for preferred rate processing.

How it Works

MONA Solutions values every opportunity to earn your business. That is why we earnestly search for the best programs to place you in and uncover the lowest rates available for your case. And even though we offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry, for our B2B clients that process large transactions on a corporate card, those fees can grow to a significant amount.

If you are a business that services commercial clientele, then Level 2 & 3 Processing may be the perfect solution for you.

Through this program, you are able to reduce your processing rate and your overall cost by following a very simple procedure when accepting cards from your corporate customers. Our solution makes the entire process easy and seamless, once set up, and can be arranged to be executed automatically.

For questions about Level 2 & 3 Processing or to see if your business qualifies for this money-saving solution, please get in touch with one of our account specialists today!

Level 2 & 3 Processing Explained

Credit card companies try to mitigate processing risk by collecting information from cardholders. The idea is when more data is collected during the transaction, the less likely the transaction will result in a chargeback later.

A typical merchant account will usually process transactions at Level 1. This means the merchant will collect minimal information, like the card number, expiration date, and billing address.

For Level 2 & 3 Processing, the merchant will be required to gather more data around the transaction than level 1. The specific information that needs to be collected will vary depending on the card brand being used. However, if you take the time to capture the additional information, you will be rewarded with lower rates as you move up the tiers.

Participating in this program can greatly reduce your credit card processing bill if you accept payments from business customers or from government agencies. To learn more or how to apply it to your merchant account, please reach out to our office today!

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Whether you are a new business that would like to accept credit cards or an existing merchant looking to lower your monthly processing cost, we have a solution for you! Contact us today to learn more.

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