Why Working With An SCMSDC-Certified Company Can Help Your Business

With the world getting smaller, it’s becoming increasingly clear that inclusion brings a lot of value to the table. Organizations such as the Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council (or SCMSDC) have realized this a long time ago.

The SCMSDC is the region’s leading corporate membership organization devoted to supplier diversity and minority business success. At the moment, they represent the interests of 900,000 minority companies in Southern California. They serve over 1,700 national corporate members and close to 1,300 NMSDC-certified minority business enterprises (or MBEs).

What the SCMSDC Is

In simple terms, the SCMSDC is one of the 23 affiliates of the National Minority Supplier Development Council. They provide a local touchpoint for advancing the interests of both their corporate members and minority businesses. Their goals include helping corporate members and minority businesses move each other, their companies, and their industries forward.

The SCMSDC believes that different ideas and perspectives can bring value to business outcomes. They believe that diversity is strength, that inclusion drives innovation and collaboration, and that everyone should have the opportunity to compete.

What the SCMSDC Does

The main purpose of the SCMSDC is to help create opportunities and collaboration between minority businesses and corporations. Here’s how they do it:

  • Certifying qualified MBEs

  • Developing certified MBEs through relevant capacity-building programs

  • Bringing MBEs together, connecting corporations with MBEs, and promoting the development of a prosperous supplier/procurement diversity community

  • Creating development opportunities for supplier diversity professionals

  • Advocating for minority businesses and supplier inclusion and diversity

Working with SCMSDC-Certified Businesses

Now that we’ve established why the SCMSDC is important, let’s go over how they can help your business. Here are the main benefits that your company may get from partnering with an SCMSDC-certified business.

• Supplier Diversification

By diversifying your suppliers, you gain access to multiple procurement channels for your goods and services. This allows you to step back and review the best options for your business’s needs. Increasing your partnerships with SCMSDC-certified businesses also comes with the added benefit of building relationships with your suppliers’ alliances.

• Commitment to Diverse Markets

If you’re not already among the thousands of government entities and corporate brands that work with an SCMSDC-certified company, it’s probably time to expand your vendor options. Working with one of these companies shows your company’s willingness to be a part of a diverse market and further economic growth in your local communities.

Mona Solutions is proud to announce that we are a certified business with the Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council (or SCMSDC). As a minority business enterprise, we are devoted to delivering unwavering value to our clients through our exceptional products and service offerings. To learn more about the SCMSDC certification or to schedule a review of your merchant services, please get in touch with our office today!

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