How to Choose the Right Credit Card Machine for Your Business

For many businesses, picking the right credit card machine can be of key importance for their bottom line. Oftentimes, the way you process credit cards is the deciding factor in a customer choosing whether to go through with their purchase or not.


Here’s what you need to know about the different types of credit card machines and how to pick one for your business.


Types of Credit Card Machines


Credit card machines come in four main types: traditional terminals, integrated POS systems, wireless terminals, and virtual terminals. Here’s the lowdown on them.


Traditional terminals. Even now, this is the most common type of credit card machine. It needs a physical connection to your phone to process a payment. It’s much larger than other machines, so it often stays in one place, such as a countertop. It can process multiple types of payments and card-not-present-transactions while offering a high level of security.


Integrated POS systems. This system allows you to integrate your POS with your payment processor, which reduces the chance for human error and leads to faster checkout times. If you’re happy with your payment processor, an integrated POS system is a great option.


• Wireless terminals. A wireless terminal doesn’t need to be physically connected to a phone to process payments. Instead, it relies on 4G or Wi-Fi. This is a good option for mobile businesses, but the wireless connectivity does present some security concerns.


• Virtual terminals. This type of machine is best suited for processing card-not-present transactions. A virtual terminal is simply a secure web page that can take payments online and over the phone. No hardware is involved at all, and many virtual terminals also offer lower processing rates. These terminals can’t process checks, cash, and debit cards.


Features to Look For


For most merchants, the number one priority in a credit card machine is ease of use. The best way to make sure your machine is up-to-date and compatible with multiple devices is to buy a newer model that requires minimal training. You may also want your machine to support custom input, allowing you to input the exact price of any purchase.


Other key features to look for include payment security, portability, connectivity, reliability, PCI compliance, and EMV/NFC compatibility. Depending on your business model, some of these features will be more important than others.


Buying or Leasing


Contrary to what you might have heard, leasing a credit card machine is never a good option. Leases cost you more in the long run, and most of them come with non-cancellable contracts. What you should do instead is purchase your machine outright.


The easy solution is to get a machine from your processor. Once you open a merchant account, your processor will likely offer you several options depending on your needs. If you’re getting your machine from some other place, you’ll still need to confirm that it’s compatible with your processor before you purchase it.

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