Why (And How) You Should Accept Credit Cards Through Salesforce

Salesforce is a great CRM platform for making your sales and customer relationship processes more efficient, but it’s particularly useful in combination with other payment solutions. Once you get everything set up, Salesforce is the perfect tool for managing your payments. That said, getting to that point can be a bit confusing.


For instance, many merchants aren’t sure whether connecting their merchant account to Salesforce is worth the bother. The short answer is yes, because: 1) it only takes a few minutes to set up, and 2) it provides a far more efficient way of managing your operations. Here are the three main benefits of accepting credit cards through Salesforce.


Benefit #1: Keep Your Customer Data in One Place


Using more than one solution for managing your customer data is both labor-intensive and inefficient.


Let’s say you’re storing your customer data on Salesforce and using another platform to log their payment information. Keeping this data organized will require you to complete twice the amount of work for no real gain. If you connect your account to Salesforce, though, you won’t need to keep logging into two separate systems to get a full customer record.


Benefit #2: Help Your Teammates Access Data


Other than streamlining your data organization, incorporating your merchant account with your CRM allows you to maximize team information about specific customers. This allows anyone with access in your company to pull up any customer record and have a complete history of their payments, communication, and touchpoints.


It’s easy to see how this allows your service agents to identify customer challenges faster and serve them better. Plus, it gives them new insights that allow them to upsell services and products.


Benefit #3: Allow Your Customers to Self-Serve


The most efficient payment system is one that doesn’t require staff interaction at all. You can achieve this by allowing your customers to self-serve their payments via a secure form. On top of making the sales process less intensive on your team, you enable your customers to make payments at their convenience.


Connecting The MONA Gateway to Salesforce


Though it allows you to record quotes, orders, and invoices, Salesforce doesn’t include any payment integrations by itself. Instead, they rely on third-party apps to connect to a payment gateway.


Right now, our MONA Gateway is one of the most popular options for connecting your merchant account to Salesforce. Through our gateway, you are able to conveniently accept payments directly on the Salesfore CRM platform. We designed it with you, the merchant, in mind. You get access to all of our enhanced features like recurring payments, ACH processing, and level 2/3 processing. And besides the robust list of features, you get a committed team available to assist you with the implementation process and beyond.


To learn more about The MONA Gateway and how you can connect it to your Salesforce CRM, please get in touch with our office today.



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