How MONA Payment Solutions Fueled NASA Services’ Financial Transformation

Setting the Stage: In the dynamic world of sustainability, NASA Services stands tall as a waste, organics, and recycling solutions company committed to environmental stewardship and operational excellence. But just like any ambitious organization, they faced hurdles in their quest for efficiency, particularly in the realm of payment processing. Enter MONA Payment Solutions, a financial technology leader poised to propel NASA Services into a new era of streamlined transactions and financial clarity.

Facing the Payment Frontier: NASA Services, nestled within The V Group’s ERP software, grappled with several payment processing obstacles that hampered their forward momentum:

  • Costly Launchpad: High credit card processing fees (4.07%) ate into their profits, a significant weight for any business, especially one dedicated to environmental responsibility.
  • Slow Funding: ACH payments crawled, taking 5-7 days to clear, creating a cash flow lag and a drag on operational efficiency.
  • Limited Visibility: Opaque reporting offered little insight into transaction data, hindering strategic decision-making and hindering potential growth.

Charting a New Course with MONA: Through a referral from a satisfied client, NASA Services encountered a game-changer in MONA. Unlike conventional partners, MONA didn’t simply offer quick fixes; they proposed a strategic navigation plan, aiming for:

  • Cost-Effective Trajectory: Reduce credit card processing fees, bringing rates down to a competitive 3.25% and setting a course for significant savings.
  • Next Day Funding: Integrate ACH payments, propelling settlement times to a remarkable 2-3 days, boosting cash flow and streamlining operations.
  • Data-Driven Insight: Unveil robust reporting and analytics, empowering NASA Services to chart their financial course with precision and make informed decisions for maximum impact.

Navigating the Challenges: The journey wasn’t without its complexities. While initial onboarding with offered some headway, limitations in ACH functionality and longer payout times persisted. But MONA, true to their mission of innovative partnership, wouldn’t let roadblocks stall their progress. Proactively, they found that the MONA Gateway, MONA’s proprietary, alternative gateway seamlessly integrated with The V Group’s ERP and provided access to next-day ACH processing.

Mission Accomplished, and Beyond: With MONA at the helm, NASA Services’ payment infrastructure soared to new heights:

  • Cost Savings that Matter: Processing fees plummeted, slashing the initial 4.07% rate to a remarkable 2.61%, exceeding even MONA’s initial projections, and fueling financial sustainability.
  • Speeding Up Efficiency: ACH payments cleared in a fraction of the time, boosting cash flow, decreasing administrative burden, and freeing up resources for further growth.
  • Transparency Takes Flight: Granular reporting and analytics empowered NASA Services to make informed decisions, optimize pricing, improve customer service, and chart a data-driven course for continued success.

More Than Just Numbers: But the impact of MONA’s expertise went beyond mere numbers. They provided invaluable, ongoing support:

  • Dedicated Support Team: A responsive team ensured NASA Services always had a trusted co-pilot for their financial journey, readily available to navigate any challenges.
  • Customizable Invoicing: Tailored invoices streamlined communication and improved customer interaction, enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • Paperless Progress: The portal eliminated paper-based processes, promoting environmental sustainability, a core value for NASA Services and further solidifying their commitment to responsible practices.

While cost-effectiveness and efficiency were undoubtedly the central pillars of NASA Services desired transformation, the customizable invoicing feature proved to be an unexpected game-changer. Gone were the days of writing down temporary customer information and manually processing payments. The new invoicing feature empowered NASA Services to seamlessly integrate these non-permanent clients into their digital ecosystem, enabling card or bank account charges directly upon job scheduling. This not only streamlined operations but also exuded professionalism and created a valuable digital footprint for each customer within their database. The results are a fully digital NASA Services, constantly evolving with the help of MONA. This case study stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology and its ability to empower businesses to reach new heights of efficiency and expertise.

A Client’s Testimony: “MONA Payment Solutions has been instrumental in our financial transformation. Their dedication to innovation, unwavering support, and transparent business practices have propelled us forward. We’ve achieved significant cost savings, improved operational efficiency, and gained valuable data-driven insights. They are truly a strategic partner, committed to our success.” – Lana Sarkisian, NASA Services.

The Ripple Effect: This case study isn’t just about one company’s success. It exemplifies the power of collaborative partnerships, data-driven solutions, and innovative thinking. When NASA Services and MONA joined forces, they didn’t just streamline payments; they launched a new era of financial efficiency, customer satisfaction, and environmental responsibility.


February 2024


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