STS Diesel Drives Down Costs and Shifts Gears with MONA’s Payment Processing Solutions

Company: STS Diesel (Susquehanna Truck Service), a cornerstone of the trucking industry east of the Susquehanna River, plays a vital role in keeping businesses moving and economies thriving. Their commitment extends beyond parts and service; they strive to solve customer challenges efficiently. However, high monthly credit card processing fees were putting a strain on their bottom line.

The Challenge: High Credit Card Fees Eat into Profits

STS Diesel, like many businesses, relied heavily on credit card transactions. While this convenience benefited customers, it came at a cost. The responsibility for credit card interchange fees, a percentage of each transaction paid to banks and processors, fell solely on STS Diesel. These fees were steadily eroding their profit margins.

The Search for a Solution: Enter MONA

Determined to find a solution, STS Diesel embarked on a search for a new payment processing partner. Their primary goal was to reduce the burden of credit card fees. After careful consideration, they chose MONA.

Why MONA? A Perfect Fit for STS Diesel

MONA’s solution wasn’t just about offering lower processing rates. They proposed a strategic approach that directly addressed STS Diesel’s needs. The key component was credit card surcharging, a feature that allows businesses to pass on a portion of the processing fees to the customer. This innovative approach promised significant cost savings for STS Diesel.

But MONA’s appeal went beyond surcharging. Their seamless integration with STS Diesel’s existing DSI Solutions software was another major advantage. This eliminated the need for manual data entry between systems, minimizing errors and streamlining the accounts receivable process. Finally, STS Diesel was impressed by MONA’s reputation for exceptional customer service. Unlike their previous processors, MONA offered a dedicated support team known for their responsiveness and effectiveness.

Shifting Gears: The Results of the MONA Partnership

The partnership between STS Diesel and MONA has been a resounding success. The implementation of credit card surcharging delivered on its promise, leading to a 55% reduction in STS Diesel’s monthly credit card processing fees. This translates to significant cost savings that directly impact their bottom line.

The seamless integration with DSI Solutions software also delivered on its promise. By eliminating the need for manual data entry, STS Diesel experienced a noticeable improvement in efficiency and a reduction in errors. This freed up valuable time and resources for their team to focus on core business activities.

Perhaps the most unexpected benefit came from MONA’s exceptional customer service. The responsive and helpful support team exceeded STS Diesel’s expectations, providing a stark contrast to their previous experiences. This level of service instilled confidence and fostered a strong partnership.

The benefits extended beyond cost savings and efficiency. MONA’s solutions also empowered STS Diesel to offer greater payment flexibility to their customers. The introduction of email payment links provided a secure and convenient way for customers to settle invoices remotely.

Client Impact: A Balancing Act

While STS Diesel implemented credit card surcharging, they remained sensitive to customer experience. Interestingly, customers haven’t lodged any complaints about the surcharge. However, STS Diesel has observed a shift in payment methods. Customers are increasingly opting for checks, cash, and debit cards to avoid the surcharge. This highlights the delicate balance between offering convenient payment options and managing operational costs.

A Perfect Score: Unmatched Service and Long-Term Partnership

STS Diesel is a vocal advocate for MONA’s payment processing solutions. They’ve awarded MONA a perfect 10 out of 10 rating, citing the unmatched level of service and significant cost savings as key factors. They value the strong partnership they’ve built with MONA and look forward to a continued collaboration that supports their growth and success.

“The one word I would use to describe this experience would be successful. We were able to save money and work with a company that values communication and provides exemplary service.” – L. Hively 

Conclusion: A Model for Success

This case study demonstrates how MONA’s innovative approach to payment processing can benefit businesses like STS Diesel. By combining features like credit card surcharging, seamless software integration, and exceptional customer service, MONA empowers businesses to achieve their financial goals while enhancing the customer experience. As STS Diesel has shown, shifting gears with the right partner can lead to a smoother, more profitable journey.


April 2024


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